Working with Mendeleyes we solve all problems we had in the past. [Breeder experienced 23 years]

You have actually achieved it.. congratulations! [Breeder experienced 23 years]

We used to ask to our system and go taking a coffe before Mendeleyes.. [Breeder, experienced 23 years]

Breeder can go home, my work is done! (laughs all).. [Breeder experienced 32 years]

I could not tell you how long it took us before Mendeleyes. [Assistance Breeder, experienced 18 years]

Traceability and management have been a key point. [Development and quality control, experienced 20 years]

Now we are going to get it, benchmark as ever.. [Breeder experienced 32 years]

A question to support.. I hope it could be done, since all can be done!.. [Asistance Breeder, experienced 8 years]

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Combining best practices and latest technologies we have improved quality and results within the industry. Setting new standards..

  • Our Platform
  • Vision
  • Values

Mendeleyes Breeding&Trials Platform is a 15 years experienced framework, designed to lead breeding and screening processes, supporting seed companies to get pure lines and find out new hybrids as targeted and successfully achieved goals.

Designed from a wide perspective, Mendeleyes was born by linking Breeders and IT specialists in the field, close to marketplaces, inside daily issues, from a unique position in the industry to success together. We are proud to say nowadays Mendeleyes is novel, but experienced, solid, stable and for future..

"We target strategic areas of seed companies, based on solid relationship with clients, listening, anticipating and building new standards.."

Our Vision: Being the Leading International Partner of Seed Companies for Breeding and Trials. Be the industry benchmark, providing new and innovative solutions, creating long-term values and solid relations, for life.

"..Passion for research is core of innovation and success in our group, delivered with integrity we support and apply decisions once they are made and take responsibility for our actions, we build trust through listening, being open, honest and consistent."

Our Values: We are focus in customers performance, in your continuous improvement and excelence.

Q/. How was originated Mendeleyes?

A/. Mendeleyes emerged from need of major seed companies to process huge volumes of data, to implement algorithms to find new hybrids, to automate breeding and trials activities, and rebuild processes to be both: effective and efficient.

Q/. Who develop Mendeleyes?

A/. Our team counts with bioinformatics specialized in genetics, engineers in genetics, and experienced international breeders.
Our know-how sums over a half century of significant researches and results.

Q/. Where is Mendeleyes Head Office?

A/. Head Office in Europe is located in Almería, Spain, close to major international seed companies.

Q/. Who uses Mendeleyes?

A/. Mendeleyes has been widely used in Europe and America, within important research centers and international seed companies. Asian teams and russian institutions have also been important collaborators.

Q/. Is it possible to create new species?

A/. Yes, Mendeleyes is multi-species, can be used for any species, also for custom and particular data defined in any of company daily fieldbooks.

Q/. Is it possible to define new traits?

A/. Yes, Mendeleyes allows you to create new traits for phenotype or genotype, and define their behavior within breeding and screening processes, with a high level of specifications.

Q/. Can I convert my data files to Mendeleyes?

A/. Yes, our team advises to perform a thorough conversion process, to exploit the full potential of Mendeleyes, to explore families, access to origins, full family tree, to complete traceability and other benefits.

Q/. How can I contact Mendeleyes team?

A/. For further information please go to our contact form. You may also use our e-mail, or telephone us, we will always be pleased to attend you.


"..It's allowing us to reach accurate hybrids, without important costs and errors we had using isolated solutions and conventional methods we implemented before."

Contact Us
+1 (305) 815-8666, (+34) 639 42 10 04

USA: 5401 NW 110 Ave. 33178 Doral, Miami FL

SPAIN: Calle Copérnico 10. 04740 Roquetas de Mar, Almería